Southern Utah Pallet & Crate is Iron County's largest pallet & crate manufacturer.

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Rebuilt pallets

Rebuilt pallets are used pallets that have been repaired and reused. Not only are they cost-effective, but by collecting and repairing these pallets it helps keep pallets out of landfills. Rebuilt 48x40 pallets are the most common, but odd sizes are also available. Have pallets you want picked up? We also buy pallets and provide on-site pick-up. Contact us for details. 

Used Pallets

Are you local and looking for used pallets in smaller quantities?  We have used pallets available for pick up.  Do you need them for farming/agriculture, moving/storage, gardening/planter boxes, home decor, DIY/repurposing needs, or crafting?  Don't hesitate to call 435-634-0708.  Or click here to send us an email with your order or questions.  If you hit the contact button and send us an email we can have them ready for you to pick up.



New pallets

From standard GMA 48x40 style to large custom pallets we've got you covered. Our dedication to consistency and quality ensure that you get the pallet you deserve and our software allows us to work with customers to design a pallet perfectly suited to your needs.


Inventory Management

Whether due to space limitations or to improve the bottom line we understand that managing pallet inventories is crucial to a successful operation. We work with customers to find a delivery schedule to get you the quantities you need when you need them. We also offer free, hands-on inventory management as requested to reduce the burden of purchasers.